Company Outline

Body in Motion is a multi-disciplinary team offering physiotherapy and rehabilitation services within the Bay of Plenty. With nine locations throughout the region including in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and Whakatane, Body in Motion employs over 70 members of staff, Their vision is to "lead the provision of evidence-based treatment, rehabilitation and preventative healthcare in our community be delivering and exceptional client experience with a diverse team of multidisciplinary health professionals through the integration of quality care, technology, education, research and innovative systems".


With many of the management team also being practicing clinicians within the company, managing the workload of both roles simultaneously was resulting in operations not running as smoothly as was possible. There was a lack of objectiveness, as well as poor leadership and a mismatch of skills and roles, all of which were contributing to the low levels of staff engagement which had been witnessed.


Nick Harvey of Deep Waters Consulting was brought on board to help analyse where business operations were falling short, as well as put in to practice long-term solutions to ensure that they were reaching their potential. Firstly, Nick helped management to see the importance to the rest of the business of finding a balance in their responsibilities. They moved in to a space where they were they had the time and know-how to actively help and facilitate staff and day-to-day operations. They were made aware of the importance of taking the emotion out of business, allowing leaders to be able to have the “tough conversations” which are necessary in any business. Pragmatic solutions such as the development and implantation of a job-fit questionnaire and more rigorous hiring processes helped to ensure that the right people were being brought on board and were matched up with roles and responsibilities more effectively. 


Not only has there been a turnaround in staff engagement, but also drastic improvements in staff performance. This has ultimately lead to a more connected and unified team. Staff now know the values they need to embody and the levels of service they need to be providing, removing the ‘grey area’ which had been there previously. There is a new sense of transparency as a result of more honest and robust conversations between leaders and their staff, which has allowed for improvements to be made on both sides.


Body in Motion has come a long way since their initial engagement with Nick in 2015. There was a steep learning curve, but the comprehensive logic and reasoning behind the implemented changes have turned the business around. Although they still have their ups and downs as do all businesses, leaders at Body in Motion are excited by the challenges in front of them.