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What Clients Say About Us

"We engaged Nick in 2013 as we were consistently frustrated with staff not
comprehending the vision of our business. Nick did not solve this problem for us.
He gave us the tools to solve the problem ourselves. His approach is holistic and
multi dimensional. In addition to gaining an
immense wealth of knowledge and skill, Nick has prompted us to reflect and
learn more about ourselves. In doing so we have become much more effective leaders. "
// Angela Carson - CEO The Kids Club
"Nick's continued work with us has helped my business with rebranding and identifying where we are heading, creating a new team culture, making us all accountable. I’ve been surprised at how he has  taken our team out of our comfort zone and the changes that  with his help we have executed."
// Jocelyn Gascoigne - CEO Connect2 Chartered Accountants
"Giselle has been the enthusiastic and forward looking glue that has held us (Expert Design Group) together. I appreciate her questioning insight and political preparedness, where when necessary, she can be as hard as nails.  I love it! We are part of the changing of Aotearoa’s social contract with violence and she has played a strategic part. I am in Norway right now but I want to be in the same room to mihi to her and acknowledge that the mana of her mahi goes forth before her. She will bring excellence to any projects she is a part of and I have absolutely enjoyed working with her. Thank you Giselle for your service to the people of Aotearoa, as a government employee she has been an exemplar of what real partnership and co-design should be."
// Shayne Walker - Chair
Social Workers Registration Board
"It has been a blast working with Giselle; funny, frustrating, exciting and fulfilling. During our work I particularly enjoyed being the face of Police, working with her during the stakeholder engagement, and assisting her work (and commitment) leading the codesign of the Workforce Capability Framework. I must commend her on how she faced the challenges in coordinating the codesign, managing the other sectors and people's ‘agendas’ – they were challenging times and she was always professional."
// Peter Thurston - District Operations Manager, NZ Police
"My thanks to everyone who put time, energy & heart into this RTA (Youth Justice, Raising the Age) training programme. We needed every ounce of your talents (and you each bring many talents to the process) to get this across the line. Giselle, you have stayed strong and staunch through the process and, to use a Welsh phrase, your “penderfyniad a dyfalbarhad” (determination & persistence) has been outstanding. Gwaith rhagorol pawb (outstanding work, one and all)"
// Phil Dinham OBE- Director
Youth Justice Transformation
Oranga Tamariki Ministry For Children
"Nick has been our business adviser, consultant, mentor, coach, friend and rock for our business.I like the way that Nick operates, he can really put you to the test and with me being CEO of our Companies, I need someone who can stand up to me to keep me performing and taking me to task by challenging me or as others put it "setting KPI's". Since doing this and helping and guiding us to set quartly, 6 monthly, yearly, five yearly and 10 year goals our company has gone from strength to strength.

Nick has become a trusted friend and is always there when we want to get a third party call on anything."
// Kerry Bloor - CEO Timbalink Vietnam
"I have had the pleasure of working with Nick now on a consulting basis for approximately two years.

Magills Butchery had won the NZ Food Awards and we were at a major turning point within your company with regards to where to next?  I approached Nick and we had a general chat one day over coffee, from there I have not looked back with Nick.

Nick has supported our company in growth by developing a culture which our staff have taken on board and has worked primarily with our sales team to move the pulled meat into the supermarkets and to look at export options.  Prior to working with Nick I would have been unsure of which avenues to look at but with his guidance we are now in major supermarkets and the world is our oyster."
// Mike Van Der Hoeven - CEO Magills
"Being part of the Family Violence Workforce Expert Design Group (EDG) was definitely a highlight for me in my National Office role and thanks must go to Giselle for her stellar leadership, strong focus, grit and determination .…..Hoping our paths will cross again for sure."
// Blair Williams - Community Investment Advisor, Oranga Tamariki Ministry For Children
"On behalf of the Family Violence Death Review Committee (FVDRC), I would like to thank you for your effort and commitment to the development of the Family Violence, Sexual Violence and Violence within Whānau Workforce Capability Framework. The Committee believes that this important piece of work will assist in guiding the development of a skilled and responsive workforce in the family violence sector...Thank you once again...We know that it is being well received by the workforce it was designed to assist."
// Dr Jacqueline Short -Chair
Family Violence Death Review Committee
"I wanted to...acknowledge your remarkable skills at managing people and this event, both of which were called upon a great deal in the course of the fortnight. You were connected with both people and their sensitivities as well as technology and logistical arrangements. I think that I convey the thanks of all the Commissioners for your warm hearted and ready attention to detail throughout."
// Sir Anand Satyanand - Chair
Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in Care
"I started working with Nick Harvey in 2011 and have been catching up with him fortnightly ever since. In Nov 2005 I opened my first BurgerFuel store and had very little business experience to call on. We grew quickly to start with and we opened a second store in July of 2007. When I finally started working with Nick we quickly set about letting go of many of the tasks that had been holding me back from driving the business forward. This was a big hurdle for me as I had the mindset that no one could do these tasks as well as I could. Nick encouraged me to stick to the plan, delegate tasks and oversee, develop the abilities of my staff, which in turn resulted in staff that were more engaged with the business due to their increased responsibility, with many staying with me for much longer that the industry standard." 
// Rhys Jakich - Burgerfuel Tauranga Franchiser
We were in need of fresh ideas and direction when Nick Harvey first started working with us. Over a period of time we have accomplished much and exceeded our expectations, with robust systems now in place to keep the company moving forward.

Nick asks the hard questions and ensures the actions set at regular sessions are met for the good of the company. His personality and ideas are engaging, giving everyone the incentive to go the extra distance. Thanks to nick, today we have better visibility in the day to day running of our operation."
// Neil Edwards - General Manager Hendl & Murray Engineering
"I was impressed with Giselle's ability to plan, implement, engage and facilitate people across the family and sexual violence sector in development of the Workforce Capability Framework.  Including people within the community, Giselle approached this serious problem with sensitivity and an invitation for people to contribute their views and experiences to help others. Our team at Loomio were pleased to facilitate the cross government project's use of the Loomio online tool to ensure as many insights and experiences helped shape this important national conversation."
// Michael Elwood-Smith - Director, Loomio
"I collaborated with Giselle on development of an enabling training programme mapped to the family violence and sexual violence capability framework which she led. Her leadership, focus and drive to achieve this important piece of work was obvious, she was a pleasure to work with."
// James Lord - Manager Workforce Development, Careerforce