Company Outline

Whites Powersports was established in 1952 and is Australia and New Zealand’s leading wholesale distributor of motorcycle and ATV products. They hold accounts with all significant powersports retailers, accessory stores, and repair shops throughout Australasia. White’s employ 57 members of staff. Their sales representatives call on accounts across Australia and New Zealand, and they have an in-house marketing team which covers all aspects of their digital media and merchandising.


Aaron Larkin is the Australian Managing Director for Whites Powersports. Coming from a professional athlete background, he was thrown in the deep end in terms of taking on this managerial role. He was unsure where his efforts should be focussed in order to make the most of his leadership position in the business.


Nick Harvey of Deep Waters Consulting was engaged by Whites in 2010 and began working with Aaron directly in 2016. Nick helped Aaron to pin-point areas of strength and weakness and to develop a plan for how they could be utilised to aid him in his role as a leader within the business. Together they identified Aaron’s strengths including communication, leadership, organisation, focus, prioritisation and education which would be key for tackling the responsibilities associated with his position effectively. They also created areas of improvement for Aaron, which was to assist him in his overall growth as a leader and as an individual.


This focus on personal development has resulted in Aaron being a lot more centred within himself, and the growth and changes he has made can be seen in all aspects of his work and personal life alike. He has a greater understanding and appreciation of his role, his employees, and his purpose within the organisation. The skills he has attained see him better equipped to work towards and achieve his goals.


Since Nick was brought in, both Whites Powersports and Aaron as an individual have continued to grow and progress. Whites remains the industry leader within Australia and New Zealand, and have their sights set on expansion, having since opened new warehouses in Perth and Brisbane.