Company Outline

Founded in 2002, Vekart Kitchen Design and Build is a state of the art design business which focusses on combining functionality, style and versatility to create their clients’ dream kitchens.  They also have a commercial branch, Vekart Commercial Interiors, which manages a diverse range of joinery projects for a variety of commercial ventures. Vekart works out of their studio in Mount Maunganui, and they also have a showroom and factory in in Rotorua. They currently employ 17 members of staff across these sites.


The business had experienced steady growth but was lacking the systems and skills necessary to back up the increased productivity and found that they were very exposed as a result of having a very limited client base. Staff engagement was low, and employees were not working cohesively towards common goals as a team.


Nick Harvey from Deep Waters Consulting was engaged in 2010. After analysis of where the business was falling short, business practices were adapted, and various tools were implemented. This included scheduled daily and weekly meetings, staff analysis, strategic planning, and the setting up of new systems within the business. Adapting in order to implement these changes was not without its difficulties, but after tackling the learning curve the new systems now come naturally to staff. 


The changes made have been invaluable in turning the business around. Individual growth and development has advanced, productivity is on the rise, new clients have been procured, and the new and improved team is now working together with common values in mind. Owners have successfully rebranded the business, compiled goals for themselves as individuals as well as for the business and have identified areas of potential growth and risk looking forward.


In the eight years that they have been working with Nick, Vekart has gone from strength to strength. The owners have gone from considering selling the business out of frustration to relishing it’s the challenges and opportunities. The business continues to grow, and more focus is now being put on setting ambitious but achievable long-term goals which correspond with where they want to be further down the line.