Company Outline

Summit Hydraulic Solutions Ltd is a family-run business based in Rotorua. They have a proud 40-year history, and over these decades they have built up a reputation for providing the most robust solutions and exceptional service in the industry. They have both a team of industry professionals and rigorous internal systems and procedures in place within the business to ensure they can deliver their company promise - “Call us once, and we will sort it”. They have amassed loyal client base throughout New Zealand, and their expertise has been called in to large international projects in Australia and Fiji.


The leaders within the business were working very hard and with great commitment to their clients and the industries which they represent. However, they had a real desire for their team to become more engaged with their clients and the business operations in general as opposed to seeing their roles in the narrow confines of a trade-related job description. They knew that they had the expertise and the desire to be the best solutions provider to their target customers, but found they were not achieving the success they believed they should regardless of how hard they worked.


The Board of Directors recognised that they needed assistance to ensure they were working ON their business rather than IN their business, and so in 2012 they enlisted the services of Nick Harvey. Together, they analysed their current operating methods and put in place procedures to ensure the business was working to their potential. Nick was able to clarify and expand on what their goals for the business should be, and encouraged the development of a comprehensive strategic plan. They set realistic but ambitious goals for 1-2 years down the track, as well as an audacious goal for where they wanted to be 10 years on.  


The business is now achieving their goals, and their regular contact with Nick keeps them accountable and on track. Their finances confirm that the positive results attained from their work with Nick are consistent and sustainable long-term. The regular reviews and updating of their 90-day and yearly goals keep the team focused on fulfilling all commitments and they find they are now much more able to work efficiently on and in their business and enjoy doing so. They have been able to strengthen their team, who are now formidable in the execution of their duties, their commitment to their company, and their integrity and skill in dealing with their diverse customer base.


Nick’s regular involvement over the past six years as a mentor/strategist/advisor/master of discipline has seen the leaders methodically address all facets of their business operation. They value his input and seek his opinion and advice when dealing with important issues as they arise within the business which has contributed to favourable outcomes in some key negotiations. Through working together towards the businesses success and achievement, they have developed close friendships and have built up a level of trust and admiration.