Nick, who grew up in Tauranga, could very well have been discussing a different kind of life potential if he had followed another path.

“It was the Bachelor of Management Studies at Waikato or jazz music down in Wellington! The reason I chose the BMS was because I had been working for a few years and the marketing major appealed to me having had some sales experience.”

Nick now heads up his own company, Deep Waters Consulting, where he works directly with business owners, boards, CEOs and their leadership teams on leadership, strategy and execution. Focusing on three key pillars, strategy, culture and the market, he concentrates on strategic planning, team culture and customer experience with a specialisation in leadership, team engagement and sales strategy.

When asked about his own mentors and people who have inspired him in life, Nick acknowledges his father.

“My dad is the primary influence. Growing up as the son of a chartered accountant, the family discussions always turned to business and I developed my knowledge and passion during my teenage years.”

For the past seven years, Nick has consulted to business owners and leaders throughout New Zealand and internationally. Prior to this, he worked in the US for five years before returning to New Zealand in 2002. It was this time in America that Nick identifies as a major milestone in his professional career.

“In my view, it’s the most competitive commercial environment in the world, which was a major part of my development. In my experience, Kiwis are much less kill-or-be-killed than the Americans, and are less likely to hold their team accountable for poor performance in the direct manner that they do in the USA. The other major milestone for me was owning and managing a commercial packaging company for seven years upon my return to New Zealand. It had been poorly managed and I had to use all my skills and commercial acumen to turn it into a highly successful business.”

As part of his TEDx talk this Saturday, Nick will address key leadership questions, including what is the number one job of a leader, and what is the key to breaking through and fulfilling your potential.

“The key take is around the unspoken conversation,” he says. “I want people to walk away asking themselves what change will they make to their own life pattern or routine that will allow them to fulfil their full life potential.”

And as for the road not taken as a musician, Nick has been in a number of bands throughout the years and still enjoys playing at home. “I may still have that hit song in me somewhere!”